About Us

Leadership Team

Philip D. Healy is the president of the Forum Management Group, Inc. which was formed on April 5, 1984. Prior to the formation of this firm, he was a general partner in Healy Enterprises, a Georgia general partnership. During this time he was involved in the acquisition, management and leasing of commercial properties, primarily shopping centers. Mr. Healy has been involved in the ownership, management, and leasing of over 15 shopping centers in the Southeast. Prior to joining Healy Enterprises, Mr. Healy was employed by Connolly & Redd, an Atlanta based real estate company as a specialist in the marketing of shopping centers, by Chicago Title Insurance Company, Atlanta, Georgia as a regional marketing manager, and by Chicago Title & Trust Company, Chicago, Illinois, in sales, training, and public relations. Mr. Healy received his degree in Marketing from Lewis College in Illinois in 1965.

Joseph A. Healy is the vice president and managing partner of the Forum Management Group, Inc. Prior to joining Forum Management Group, Joe spent eight years working as a Financial Analyst for Fortune 500 companies. Joe earned his BBA in Finance from the University of Georgia 1988. He later completed his Master’s of Science in Management from Georgia State University in 1991. Mr. Healy attained his Georgia Real Estate license in 2004.

Joe Healy joined Forum Management Group in March of 2006 and is directly responsible for the day to day operations of the Company. He currently handles all of the property management and leasing for the entire shopping center portfolio. Mr. Healy is also responsible for property acquisitions and securing third party contract assignments.